To run Nvidia driver blob, or sone other driver

I have spoken before about Nividia and Davinchi-Resolve
I have installed the correct drivers as was suggested here in the forums,>

sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils nvidia-settings lib32-nvidia-libgl

On this machine I have a few games running perfectly, however Davinci
does not like it the exact message Ile post below as an image along with inxi.
davinci error

Many thanks for any advice.

Try the script at the below link which checks your configuration. Don’t use pip to install the dependencies.

Well, that did not work, I didn’t get anything at the prompt.

With this:

  • sudo pacman -S expac mesa-demos python-distro
  • yay -S python-pylspci
  • chmod +x /opt/resolve/bin/resolve
  • ran the script

I did not get any output

to run davinchi the line is /opt/resolve/bin/resolve

@dalto IT was a frap but we got it running but
not this time,


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