Title bar font blurred

Hi all,
I’m having issues with themes in Plasma, If I apply anything other than Breeze the titlebar text is blurred. (see pict)
Just for reference this is with wayland, on an intel laptop.
Any thoughts on how to fix it?

How does it look when you use xorg?

Also, have you tried this?

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Wot he said - plus what theme are you running? Try Breeze to eliminate the theme as a potential cause. If you are using Breeze already, just ignore me :smiley:

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gave the above a try and it didn’t work. switching to breeze fixes the issue so must be an issue with the these, but I have no idea how to fix it, or where to look

Bad theme, you can report to it’s maker if you like it, so possibly it would be fixed :upside_down_face: