Titanfall 2 Black Screens when Tabbing Out

Now that Titanfall 2 has been fixed, I’ve decided to install the EA App in Lutris and reinstall the game. I’m running the game with latest Wine-GE on an AMD card. Whenever I tab the game becomes windowed and black. There is no way of getting the game working again besides shutting and re-running it. I haven’t experienced this issue with other games prior to this.

The game worked well the last time I played it, but that was before the whole server hacks so probably around 2 years ago.

Some games seem to do that. Usually launching winecfg and selecting emulate virtual desktop with the desired resolution in the graphics tab fixes this sort of thing for me.

Seems like it’s the anti-aliasing setting in the game. Setting it to TSAA resolves the issue, probably just forgot about that setting since I hadn’t played in so long. :sweat_smile:

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