[Tips] Forum markup reference

When you compose a post on the EndeavourOS forums, most of the formatting you’ll need can be achieved by clicking the icons at the top of the editor window. However, the Discourse forum app offers even more formatting possibilities through its markup language. There’s a useful reference for Discourse forum markup here:

Missing from this reference, though, are a few items. For example, it doesn’t include how to create collapsing text blocks like the following:

Don't be scared!


[details="Don't be scared!"]

If you’re ever curious about how a particular post was marked up, it’s possible for you to view its markup directly. For example, to view the markup for my current post, you would first note the post’s URL by clicking the chain icon at the bottom of the post:


Then, to view my markup, you would go here:



Yep, there are tables, tags and even pure html :slight_smile:
Very handy!

Well, you can do Hide Details via the message composer (Not sure what to call it) in discourse.

Like This;

  1. Highlight the text you would like to create a collapsible drop-down of.
  2. Click the Cogwheel
  3. Select Hide Details
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It’s also worth following the @discobot tutorials (e.g @discobot start advanced tutorial).


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

No, @discobot, bad @discobot! Down!



Oh come on, don’t use newspapers on him, you can accidentally create Skynet! :rofl:
Better not get them angry… :space_invader:

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There’s also a New User Guide here:

This post gives other sites permission to copy the guide to their own sites. Here’s the code:


I tried copying the code to a new topic on the EndeavourOS forums. The text transfers nicely, but the images don’t appear automatically, since they are coded as upload:// URLs that refer to files on the Discourse site.

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