Tips concening backup-retention policy

Hello everyone,

my question concerns the backup retention policy.

My goal is not to make too many backups so as not to take up unnecessary space on my storage device.

The proposed retention policy is as follows:

keep so many backups :

per hour :
per day :
per week :
per month :
per year :

I’d like to have your advice, and especially an explanation of your choices for judiciously configuring everything, knowing that a priori everything depends on the frequency of data changes, depending on the directories/their type of content…/ how easy it is to find this or that file buried in the past… (I use Borg/Vorta)

I’ve been wrestling with this question for a while and can’t make up my mind.

Thanks to all of you.

It looks like you are running a data center… :wink:

Personally I just use Dropbox. Many use Timeshift.

This would be subjective to how your doing the backups. Honestly this is a user case by case choice. If you mostly game then backups are probably are not as necessary every day however if you are a developer you may want to run a backup every so often. Again its going to be a very different situation for each.

Don’t think in these terms. You will have to learn to manage your backups as you do you work flow. Again if you are not doing lot’s of data changing operations then hourly backups would probably take up to much space where as again if your coding that extra space could make the difference in continuing your current project without the need to go back and refigure out how to do something