Tip - Install any AUR-pkgbuild on 32-bit computers

Keep that old 32-bit computer up to date with latest AUR packages.
With this method just use any (64-bit) x86_64 PKGBUILD.
Example: Instead of inputting into terminal - { makepkg -csir }
Use/Recommend: { makepkg --ignorearch -csir }

The above method has really helped me with my ancient Acer Aspire One netbook … as I only run Arch and Arch-based distros!

with archlinux32 ?

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i was kinda fishy :slight_smile: you probably got archlinux most pkgbuild leaps to 64bit i gues but you have to edit those if pkgbuild only is in 64 and you have a 32 os…is about the kernel ?

I still have the Acer Aspire One D-250, but one day … I didn’t want to boot anymore … and I had it with arch32 :anguished:


Did you attempt to flash BIOS with .bin file & recover your Acer Aspire One.
Perhaps the BIOS got corrupted and refuses to load.
I could find the exact bios flash bin file for you. I still think it’s a shame to throw out old computer hardware. In fact I love the vintage equipment, just like the Ford Model T of computing.

Right now running on my Acer Aspie One netbook is Parabola lxde operating system.
parabola.nu still supports 32-bit Arch.


I’m using 32-bit Parabola lxde operating system. Available from parabola.nu

No editing of PKGBUILD files are require if you input in terminal

makepkg --ignorearch -csir

auto outputs:


Thats why it’s pure magic

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n fact it does not turn on, the motherboard or the power supply was burned and here in my country I get more expensive than buying something new … simply for that.