Timeshift terminal questions

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You can use timeshift-autosnaps it’s available in AUR and it’s not GUI also you don’t need crontab for this one. It will do the snaping on every update and we can configure it how many to keep and what to remove.

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Last time I used timeshift-autosnap every AUR package update caused it to create one snapshot . So if you have many AUR packages your snapshots may end up all being recent . Don’t know if it changed :man_shrugging:

Plus when the snapshot is created after pacman locks database restoring that snapshot gives a warning and that lock file needs to be removed manually .

That happens. Auto snaps are designed to be executed just before the package update. Or yay or pacman starts replacing the packages in the system. Getting rid of the lock file is less of a trouble to go through than just getting the entire system messed up.

If you have a lot of updates to go through one by one then ser skipAutosnap = true which will skip auto snapping. But the script is executed automatically and only 3 would be kept by default. The changes which are saved are the ones done during the prior package change.