Timeshift restore failing

After last Zen-kernel update, my touchpad stop working so I tried to use timeshift to restore a snapshot. But it seems that it is unable to do it.

I’m getting a message after restart (see attached image) and desktop backgroud is black. Pacman db is blocked (I’ve deleted /var/lib/pacman/db.lck but every reboot it gets blocked again), and touchpad is not working… so what I’m doing wrong? How to fix it?
Please tell me what logs shoud I activate to upload the eos log.

When I used Timeshift, I would restore snapshots like this:

  1. log out of desktop session
  2. switch to a TTY
  3. run
sudo timeshift --restore

Pick the snapshot you want to restore and wait. Computer will automatically reboot.

Thank you.

It didn’t reboot. Says “failed to remove directory”, 256. And after reboot same thing happens. :frowning:

EDIT: I started a graphic session in root, and the message has gone… but the touchpad is not working.

And then I boot the laptop with a live usb and the touchpad didn’t work :(((( So the cause is not the update, is something hardware related, I think.

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