Timeshift(outdated package)

So when I read about Arch and Arch based distro(stability and unstability) I read and hear many times that we need to avoid outdated packages…
Now, I’m newbie and I want to install timeshift to be sure that i have backup always…

But now when I searched for timeshift it says that it’s outdated…
Also I found about this “autosnap” and “autoupgrade” scripts, but I assume that I need timeshift even for them…

Also questions is this “auto” in those names means that it will upgrade system as they “see” upgrade, or still I chose when to upgrade?
I like possibility that there is autosnap, but I don’t want to upgrade starts without my manual commands, if you understand what I mean…
Screenshot from 2020-11-19 14-12-57

This means someone has flagged the AUR package as out-of-date. This probably means that someone has spotted that there is a new release but the AUR maintainer hasn’t updated the PKGBUILD yet.

Yes, these look like they are third-party addons which require (or are otherwise related to) timeshift.

No, these will run automatically when you upgrade/update the system (i.e. automatically make a snapshot when you update). They do not enable automatic updates.

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Okay, great, so I like those third-party addons :smiley:

So, from your point of view, is it okay to install timeshift if it’s flagged outdated, it’s only couple of days?

Yes. The maintainer will update it shortly. Remember that these are people who have other things to do, too.


I use timeshift-autosnap it creates a snapshot when you upgrade with #pacman -Syu or yay before applying updates . autoupgrade's description says it updates packages automatically and restore snapshot when things go south . Haven’t tried that out yet !!

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Yes ofcourse, I don’t mind that is outdated, I only ask is it possible to break my system if I install outdated package if it’s outdated only couple of days? Or should i wait couple of days to be updated?

I think you can install since my system is up to date and I don’t see any troubles with timeshift

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A have a number of packages showing as outdated … or listed as missing …

The computer hasn’t set fire …yet

There is no need to be upset, the package will be updated shortly.