Timeshift Mouting Drive Twice?

Hello! I used Gnome Disks to mount one of my HDDs. However, whenever I launch timeshift, it changes the mount point (in dolphin) to run/timeshift/backup/ even though it should not be that. is this a problem with Dolphin? And if that is one, how to fix it?

Timeshift always mounts the root of the btrfs filesystem at /run/timshift/backup

However, it should also be mounted at the location you had it mounted before.

The “devices” section in Dolphin may switch to the other mountpoint but that is just how Dolphin works. If you access it my the other mountpoint directly it should still be mounted there.

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Thank you. Can you give me an idea of which file manager will work well with KDE in that case instead of Dolphin?

You can use any file manager with kde but none will as integrated as cleanly as dolphin is.

They all have pros and cons.


Thank you. Is there anything that I should know about double mounting? Anything that I should fear at all? Can it cause my system to become unstable or crash?

Not really, it is pretty common.

It just means that the volume is available at more than one place. It shouldn’t be harmful.

Also, it isn’t Dolphin that is doing that, it is Timeshift.

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I have this “problem” with Timeshift from the beginning. I have, in order to avoid the double mounting, set up a separate partition for Timeshift. But in the end it was not so useful.

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Yes, it wasn’t useful for me either. I still have auto mounted that drive and it simply becomes a problem as bookmarks in that drive don’t work in dolphin after timeshift uses it.

The solution is to permanently mount the drive and set your bookmarks to the mounted location.

In general, I only recommend using the “devices” section of dolphin for things that are truly temporary. Those paths are non-permanent.

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