Timeshift doesn't make automatic snapshots

So I have installed timeshift and I’ve selected the partition for it to make snapshots of as well as the schedule and I have also made sure cronie is installed, however timeshift doesn’t make any automatic backups/snapshots, I have to create them manually by opening the timeshift GUI.
Timeshift has always worked for me on ArcoLinux and Linux Mint so how do I fix this?

Check if cronie.service is running:

systemctl status cronie.service

If not:

sudo systemctl enable --now cronie.service

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Well now I feel stupid hahaha, I knew I forgot to do something when I installed cronie… Cronie was inactive.
That should fix it, thanks!

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Glad you got it working!
Easy to just bypass some steps sometimes.

Welcome to EnOS’ forum @JimPix and enjoy your system!

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