Timeshift: Btrfs snapshots "Before restoring" cannot be deleted

I have restored a snapshot created with Timeshift on my freshly installed Btrfs system as a test. As expected, it worked well. However, the snapshot that was automatically created before the restore cannot be removed now. Marking it for deletion after the next cyclic snapshot creation did not change anything either. The thing has come to stay.


Edit: I have Timeshift set to take a snapshot every day 20:00 local time.

Can we see the output of:

findmnt /
[therion@therion-pc ~]$ findmnt /
/      /dev/sda3[/@] btrfs  rw,noatime,compress=lzo,ssd,space_cache,autodefrag,subvolid=277,subvol=/@

Does that snapshot exist? Can you see it in sudo btrfs subvolume list /

ID 256 gen 1742 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_16-57-19/@
ID 257 gen 2238 top level 5 path @home
ID 258 gen 1747 top level 5 path @cache
ID 259 gen 2236 top level 5 path @log
ID 263 gen 25 top level 256 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_16-57-19/@/var/lib/portables
ID 264 gen 26 top level 256 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_16-57-19/@/var/lib/machines
ID 277 gen 2237 top level 5 path @
ID 281 gen 2115 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_20-00-01/@

yes, it does

I could delete it manually from the directory if necessary, but I don’t really like that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is really strange unless you were booted into this snapshot…

I wonder if those are stopping you from removing it?

So the brutal method after all: delete from the directory with sudo?

As I said, it was created after I went into a snapshot that was also created cyclically before (though not yet via grub, I haven’t set that yet)


Like this:

sudo btrfs subvolume delete /run/timeshift/backup/timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_16-57-19/@/var/lib/portables
sudo btrfs subvolume delete /run/timeshift/backup/timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_16-57-19/@/var/lib/machines
sudo btrfs subvolume delete /run/timeshift/backup/timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_16-57-19/@
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The snapshot is still there, the folder in the timeshift directory too. Now only delete and info.json are present in it. :exploding_head:


delete is probably the marker to remove, right?

That isn’t a snapshot. It is just a normal directory. Now that you removed the snapshots, you can delete /run/timeshift/backup/timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2021-09-06_16-57-19 normally.

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thanks4help @dalto

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