Time to say good bye

Its time to say goodbye not because EOS is any worse than other Arch distro, but more and more updates are causing trouble. I just need an OS which is stable and not one where I need to spend time trying fix a bad update which cost me too much time to find out what is wrong.

I have been using Debian 12 Bookworm which is very stable, one of my laptops which I use every day with Debian 12 has been uptime 674 hours.



Good luck and do enjoy Debian, it’s a good OS.


Sorry to see you go. Nothing wrong with Debian 12 Bookworm.

Best of luck, find what works for you, and don’t feel you can’t hang around here! :slight_smile:

Sad to see you go, always welcome in the forum no matter what you run but at least you realise what it is you had to do to keep your hardware running with minimal issues.

I recently started using Debian on my desktop for similar reasons. But I’m still here because this is a great and friendly user forum. And I find that much of the information here is usable in Debian and vice versa. I still have EOS/Openbox on my laptop, but only update it about once a month. If it breaks, no big deal, I can fix it at my leisure.

EndeavourOS is not for everyone. Debian is a fine choice for those who want more stability.


Aaah don’t be silly, even my mother use Arch! :rofl:


whatever works though my gradma has EOS (im her tech support)


Mine too, but she doesn’t know it’s Arch, so it’s fine. :rofl:


As long as youtube works she don’t care lol

Maybe this link will help, as I have mentioned it before. But in short it’s not Arch’s responsibility to be stable because the system’s owner because Arch is not stable. I would hate to run Debian on my desktop with such old software, why not use Ubuntu LTS or Fedora?

Sir, can I have your ticket please?(Airport departure joke).

I’m actually in the same boat as OP and running Debian 12 now. But I’ll be staying here in the forums since the community is one of the nicest online communities I know. :heart:

About EOS stability I have to say that I’ve used EOS about 3 ½ years now and the only major problem I got into with updates was past weekend (mesa update with black screen and blinking cursor). Even that was easily solved with the help of this magnificent forum. I guess I have been lucky. I think the biggest reason for this is a suitable hardware. No NVIDIA etc. Of course nothing can stop you to mess with your system by yourself. Or destroy the whole machine by pouring big mug of hot tea on your laptop like I did some time ago… :sob: :joy:


Fully agree with this. The times when I have fully broken my system in the past, it’s from my own wrongdoing, lack of knowledge, or just learning “what not to do” - having said that, after switching to a fully AMD system, things have been flawless across both EOS and Arch.

My condolences!


Be sure to at least try to run Debian Sid. It’s a lot less boring than stable and runs flawlessly for me, as does EOS :grin:

I used to run Arch on my system at work but I ended up switching to Ubuntu LTS because I didn’t like the constant updates, at home I still use Arch on my desktop and EndeavourOS on my laptop. I have had both an AMD gpu and multiple Nvidia gpu’s, but I never experienced major problems with either at least nothing that made my experience unworkable just minor things. The nice thing about AMD gpu’s is that you don’t need to install anything extra unlike Nvidia gpu’s where you need to install the drivers and using nvidia-settings. The

When I came from Windows a year ago I tried my luck with Linux Mint, only to install EOS a week later, I’m weak I know, I’m so used to solving problems when I use Windows that Arch and AUR calls to my heart. :enos:


Being boring is pretty much what I expect from my system nowadays :smiley: