Time format on Plasma's login screen

Is there any way to change time format on the login screen? Tried to change the following:


but the changes are seen only when I’m logged on and when I lock the screen, but I want to change time format at the screen which shows up before login.

The login screen is sddm, have a look at the settings (at work so can’t check :smiley: ).

I assume that you have all ready set your time language in Plasma settings?

Login Ssdm also needs to have your locale variable in /etc/locale.conf

Like for me system languge is english but I wanted to my time format to be in finnish so I have to put locale variable to LC_TIME=fi_FI.UTF-8 in /etc/locale.conf

For me EOS did this automatically during install but in Arch I had to do this manually by enabling “fi_FI.UTF-8” in etc/locale.gen" and then put time variable in locale.conf

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This might be of any help :

Yes, I’ve set time settings in Plasma and this didn’t change nothing. Then I’ve found the setting you’re talking about in your reply, changed it and the problem was fixed. It is sad that there is not possible to customise time format appearance, like in css file I mentioned in my initial post :frowning: Strange that Plasma creators forgot to implement an ability to change time/date format via gui :frowning:

This solution only works when screen is locked while user is logged in.

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