Tiling zones. Does a kwin script exist?

If so, I can’t find one for my use case.

So, I have a vertical monitor. I want to have 2 ‘zones’ there where I can drop my windows in and then I want it automatically tile the program window for 50% of the screen real estate with a 5 pixel gap in the area where I drop them in (bottom or top of the monitor). And when I drop other windows there, it should leave the windows that are already there as is.

Basically a grid tiling window manager that only ever tiles 2 windows.

Currently I am using Khronkite as a workaround. I basically enable the script, place 2 windows how I want them, and then I turn the script off (and sometimes use special window settings so that position and size are saved for programs that got amnesia).

I have looked around but it looks like a script the way I want doesn’t exist yet? Does anyone know? And does anyone even know what I mean with my description?

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried this one?

I did, but that script doesn’t have a configuration menu and also tiles like every other window manager, as in, it resizes other windows to make room for a new window.

So all you want to do is to tile a window to half screen left or right?

KWin provides that already, Quick Tile Window Left and Quick Tile Window Right, I have shortcut keys assigned to these for that purpose, albeit without the gap. You can “stack” as many windows left or right as you want. Repeat the shortcut and a “tiled” window goes back to its original position.

I use Ctrl+Alt+Left and Ctrl+Alt+Left to do what I think you are asking, which I manually setup in System Settings Shortcuts.

Yeah, that is how I do it now, but I just want it done automatically when I drop my windows in the tiling zone, together with the 5 pixel gap since I think that looks good.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer, else I would have done it myself.

I looked at some kwin code examples, but I will never be able to pull it off.

I don’t know about the gaps but I know in Cinnamon all you need to do is drag to the side of the screen and it will automatically give you the half screen fill.

Your"zone" would just be the edge.