TigerVNC with Plasma Stopped Working After Update

Would appreciate help with a frustration I’m experiencing. I’m relatively new to Endeavour but generally use Linux as my development environment. I’m using a vanilla install with Plasma and use TigerVNC to remote into the box. The drawbacks were that the screen ‘mirrored’ the remote session, which is not ideal, but since it’s in my home office, was tolerable. After a recent update, I was greeted by the infamous ‘black screen’ attempted a remote session. Yes, if I log out, the remote session show the logon screen but freezes after logging in while the remote session maintains control of the desktop, indicating shared desktops are no longer a ‘thing’. In theory, one should be able to spawn many desktops for many remote sessions limited only by system capacity. But I have completely failed to find examples of a workable configuration on Endeavour or any other Arch-based distro for TigerVNC to accomplish this. I’m not married to TigerVNC - it’s just the devil I know (or thought I knew).

Hoping someone in the EndeavourVerse can share a working config for TigerVNC with Plasma. I would be most grateful.

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With Plasma 6, the default session changed to Wayland. Be sure to change it back to X11 on the login screen because I don’t think TigerVNC can do Wayland.

Edit: sorry, I think I actually misunderstood your issue because I did not read it carefully the first time.

I’m not sure I follow this part:

Can you explain what you mean by that? I can’t tell if you are reaching the remote desktop or not.

I spotted this, off work soon and was going to try it as a holiday project:


Apologies for the lack of clarity. When I log out of the laptop, I can VNC remotely into it and see the login screen. Upon remote login, however, the screen ‘freezes’ and loses remote control. At that point, it’s essentially the same as getting a black screen. I haven’t ‘switched back’ to X11 - but I suspect that will resolve the issue. After scouting innumerable posts, I suspected Wayland was involved, but didn’t see anything directly related to VNC.

Thanks for this. Very interesting project. Also an example of how simple glue becomes a construction project. BluishHumility indicated I’m in the Wayland blast radius, which is likely. But I may give this a shot as hopefully a more future-proof solution than switching back to X11.

A brief but interesting diversion. I installed the flatpak and gave this a try. No joy. Salient results from trying to connect with xfreerdp:

rg.kde.krdp: Client does not support H.264 in YUV420 mode!
[09:58:41:917] [2:7] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.transport] - BIO_read returned a system error 0: Success
[09:58:41:918] [2:7] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core] - transport_read_layer:freerdp_set_last_error_ex ERRCONNECT_CONNECT_TRANSPORT_FAILED [0x0002000D]
org.kde.krdp: Unable to check file descriptor
org.kde.krdp: Closing session

Let me know if you have better luck!

And, sure enough, switching back to X11 worked. Thank you for the guidance!

Please mark @BluishHumility’s post as solution since they pointed out the solution to you. Thanks!

Will do, 4 more work days then I am off.

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I am testing Gnome on Surface Pro 7, could not get Connections to work, so tried Kdrc:

Very unstable. So I rebooted to Plasma:

More stable.

This is a Surface Pro 7 RDP to Lenovo Legion, does not run in anyway that is “usable”