Good morning peepelz,
my stupid husband went from EOS back to Manjaro in order to escape the many updates. And he’s very happy thereabouts. I noticed his versioin of Thunderbird is 78.4.3 while mine, and yours probably too, is still 68.12.I checked in Pacman and even in AUR but nothing newer than 68.12.

What’s the matter? I thought EOS was much closer to vanilla than Manjo. So why do the Manjo slowpokes have newer apps than we sexy Endeavourians?

/me’s noggin assplodes :face_vomiting:

There was a major architecture shift in Thunderbird 78 and Arch is still holding it back.

Manjaro has many of their own packages so they are probably packaging it themselves.


Thunderbird 78.4.3-1 is in arch testing ATM. Not sure how that package even made it into manjaro? Even the unstable repo there is pulled from arch stable. EndeavourOS pulls from arch stable as well which is why you have 68.12.0-1.



I will tell you if manjaro is pulling in packages from the Arch testing repo to their stable release that is kind of :scream:

According to this that version of thunderbird should be in the testing repos… :man_shrugging:


There is madness to there method not the other way around. I’ve seen nonsecurity items newer in stable than in testing. :scream: :scream_cat:

Now that said I added 78 to finally kick it’s tires and have to say it fast.

I’ve been building and testing Thunderbird 78.4.* from the Arch PKGBUILD and it works fine for me. However, this is a package which needs to be tested fully before general release. Losing a browser history after a major version update is one thing, losing all your email is quite another.


All thunderbird settings and mails are in ~/.thunderbird.
That can be copied to a backup drive, e.g.:

  cp -a ~/.thunderbird   /your/backup/folder

Note that it may be quite large, maybe several gigabytes, depending on your mails.


Yes, my man got it from Manjaro repo.

AMEN to that. Nice thing is it looks like they addressed the early issue. And that was having to rebuild the profile. 78 either shares 68’s profile or copies the user data from it, cause when I launched 78 I had my folders and emails. The only thing I had to do was set my preferences.

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My Manjaro installation, which downloads updates from Manjaro’s stable repos, is also using Thunderbird 78.4.3. The transition in my case from 68.12.0 to 78.4.3 was seamless. Upon opening the new version of Thunderbird for the first time, all of my e-mail (in multiple accounts) and calendar events were present, my preferences had been preserved, and my add-ons worked without problem.

Edit: Just after I wrote this message, my EndeavourOS installation upgraded to Thunderbird 78.4.3, and I rebooted my computer. Again, I am not experiencing any problems with the upgrade.


Expect 78.5.0 to show up shortly.

(Running fine here)


Yes it has made it past testing and out to stable…on arch.


Well, I just experienced one minor problem with the Thunderbird upgrade in EndeavourOS, but it was easily corrected. One of my add-ons displayed this message:

Identity Chooser is incompatible with Thunderbird 78.4.3

I simply navigated to Add-ons in Thunderbird’s main menu, selected the add-on, and clicked Update. Immediately, everything was back to normal. I didn’t even need to restart Thunderbird.

Can you narrow your posts down to a particular distro?

I’m not sure what you mean. Every one of my posts in this thread refers explicitly to EndeavourOS. I made one mention of Manjaro, but only because you had asked about how the update had made it to Manjaro. I reported my experience in Manjaro, and then reported that I had the same favorable experience in EndeavourOS.


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COOOOOL then I’ll just remove the flatpak and wait for 68 to update. Thanks

If you want 78.5.0 now it’s in my repo; 78.4.3 is in Arch now.


I can live with what’s being offered, but thanks


So can I. I didn’t even notice the update so all seems to be ok-ish. :wink:
Thx all for responding, you guys are a great community.

Well the UI looks better in thunderbird 78 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: