Thunderbird toolar vs. menubar?

So, not an Endeavour specific issue, or even Arch. But Arch is the first OS I use that’s got the upgrades to Thunderbird 115, so highest likelihood of someone who knows how to do this would be in Arch users.

So, with the upgrade to 115 and the new look, is there any way to swap the location of the toolbar and the menubar? I like the menubar being the very top bar under the titlebar, but currently I can find no way to do this. Is it possible does anyone know?
IE, this is what my current configuration looks like:

But if I turn on the menubar, it puts it BELOW the toolbar instead of above it:

Please tell me someone’s figured out a way to fix this!!! I LIKE having the menubar!!

Try this link:

The answer is a combination of the first reply and the post marked as a solution.
It worked for me in a VM.


Doesn’t seem to work for me. Just keeps still putting the toolbar on top.

Did you restart Tbird after you created that .css?

Read it again and I had to restart it twice. Second time it did INDEED make the change.

Awesome! Glad it worked for you.

Thanks much for pointing me to a fix!!

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