Thunderbird 78.4.* is coming... soon

Just been checking up on Arch development and spotted this:

I’d tried updating the PKGBUILD myself for 78.4.0 a couple of week ago but compilation got stuck. Looks like official packages are much closer now!

(I’m trying a build of this 78.4.1 PKGBUILD now… :grin:)


I hope they got their act together on profiles. Was not amused with their last upgrade of having to backup all my saved mail and create a whole new profile.

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Why? Was starting with --allow-downgrade not enough? Because for me it was.

Already did that while that file still was set to build 78.4.0, only had to disable the with-system-bz2 option in the PKGBUILD to get the build working. Works like a charm.

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I have been using it on Windows for a while. Only when I decide to boot Windows 10 and update it.

Just updated the PKGBUILD from svn, chose to overwrite my changes, updated the PKGBUILD to 78.4.2 and build went through without issues.
Thunderbird still working without issues, too.