Thunar window always full size

I am enjoying Endeavour OS very much! I go with Openbox most of the time and I use Thunar as filemanager.
Everything has been working very well for a while but I Thunar-window only has one size (full window). I have looked in Thunar css gtk2 gtk3 but I can not find where I could tune this.

Anybody who has a hint?


Hi @brandent are you sure you didn’t disable the /misc-remember-geometry ?

xfconf-query --channel thunar --property /misc-remember-geometry --type bool --set true

I don’t use openbox but you could transform Thunar throw css :

Here an example for Thunar 1.8.x (gtk3 based):

  • Create a file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
  • Paste following content in this file:
  • Save and restart thunar (thunar -q; thunar)

* {
   -ThunarAbstractIconView-row-spacing: 70;
   -ThunarAbstractIconView-column-spacing: 30;

You will certainly find a way with windows label using width and height to define which size you want throw css…


Hi and thanks for interest!!

I followed your knowledgeable advice best I could and it worked!!

Thank you very much!!


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