This one amazing piece of photo!

Who Is Last Man On Girder?
June Bjorndahl White has woven the iconic image of 11 ironworkers sitting high on a girder above New York City into the fabric of her life. A framed black-and-white poster of the photo hangs prominently in the living room of her home. Near it is a picture of her father 20 years later, his face bearing a striking resemblance to the ironworker to the right of his comrades, whiskey bottle in hand.

White clings to the belief that the last man on the girder is John Paul Nathaniel Bjorndahl, the father she barely knew. It's a position that she holds even as claims to the contrary continue to emerge.

White, 81, of New Hartford, said family lore has it that her father is the worker seated all the way to the right of the photo, commonly called, "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper." She recalled her older brother always telling her he wished he had a copy of the photo of their dad on the girder with the other guys, but she never understood exactly what he meant until years later.

Spying a copy of the photo in a local restaurant, White said she examined it closely and came to suspect that her father was the man brazenly holding a whiskey bottle during Prohibition.

"My gut is that it is him," she said.
"She said, 'Is that because he drank and smoke?'" White recalls her daughter saying. "I said, 'They all did that."


Damn second link won’t work. At any rate apparently why yes yes they were drinking alcohol…


If you want to read the article just search hartford currant who is the last man on girder.


I’m sure it was only water in that bottle :wink:

Gotta stay hydrated. :frog:


Brazenly drinking bootleg whiskey while at work on a dangerous job during Prohibition.

I love New York!

(If you inspect the huge version of the image that I posted above, it appears to me that the bottle is empty - maybe it was just a prop, but I kinda suspect that it was consumed :laughing:).


Crazy New Yorkers…Go big or go home!..wait I resemble that remark :laughing:


Thanks for the high res-picture @anon3337769. First time I hit a webp file and none of my KDE apps seem to be able to deal with it? Does anyone know what package/library I might be missing?
Cli, (cwebp) works…

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Gwenview opens it to me, i don’t recall installing anything additional… :thinking:


Hm, interesting. I get this from Gwenview:


I also can’t see wepb listed in the supported file formats in KolourPaint which made me think I may simple be missing a library.

Firefox works fine…looks like this is something bigger though, I will do a bit of research before further derailing this thread.


See whether you have the package qt5-imageformats installed:

pacman -Q qt5-imageformats

If it is not installed, install it with:

sudo pacman -S qt5-imageformats

Gwenview needs that optional dependency to display some image formats, like tiff and webp.

To see other optional dependencies for Gwenview, run:

pacman -Qi gwenview

Bingo! Installed and worked right away! Thanks a lot…


Here’s something Interesting; when I use Chrome, that link results in a jpg file.

In Firefox, though, it’s a webp.


Bit late a reply ,
nothing missing just a new different format , I do know Gimp will open webp files then can export as a PNG file so other apps can use image.
ps if saving to jpg save at 100% yeah wastes harddrive space but gives good quality , no loss .

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I have a bottle like that, it says Devils Island /n Endurance Gin. :thinking:

Dates the period. I found it in a mangrove swamp in south Florida in the late '60s.


Sorry for the late reply. When I worked for a German-owned bus manufacturer (NeoPlan) in Lamar, Colorado, I learned there’s a special holiday for high-steel workers. I enjoyed working for them very much. Their craftmanship is beyond reproach.


I’m assuming this would be the same for ristretto? I have the same issue with wepb image files.

I do a pacman -Q qt5-imageformats

I get error: package ‘qt5-imageformats’ was not found

so its missing, would a sudo pacman -S qt5-imageformats work if I’m using ristretto?

I also can’t view .wepb pictures.

Thanks in advance. :+1:t3:

I don’t think it will work, but no harm in trying it.