This is why I build my own Desktops

I have been building my own desktops and PC’s for other people since the early 1990’s. I often take a look at what “pre-builds” are available and if their business practices have changed. In a word, Nope. Many are still using Proprietary/ Non-standard parts, leaving the user no path for minor upgrades. Many are still using shady business practices, and as @keybreak1 whines :wink: about all the time “BLOAT”. I agree with Steve when he says that, “They are making basically E-Waste”.

1 Meant totally in jest.


Pre-builds are definitely BLOAT!!! :rofl:

DIY FTW :partying_face:

I love it already:

Motherboard form-factor defined as F**K YOU!


Agree completely. Still searching for the DIY laptop. Although, this one seems to have potential.


Indeed, for normal users it seems to be a very good deal, for power-users…I guess they have to succeed in the long run, but for now it’s still best option!

P.S. Oh and build quality is really good on framework


That it is. If I were in the market for a new laptop, I would seriously be looking at one. The only thing I do not like about it is that they only have provision on the motherboard for 1 SSD. Sure, they offer “Storage Expansion Cards”, but they look like USB 3 drives.

Because they actually are :joy: