This is what Linux users really use 😉

A “non-scientific” survey carried out by @TheLinuxExperiment

Take it with a lump of sugar!


I’m surprised that so many of the people who follow his channel use Arch. I mean, I do from time to time (and even participated in the survey), but still.

The only issue is the responses are most likely all coming from users who follow his channel. There are a lot more linux users out there that may not be included. Interesting to say the least! I like his videos but don’t follow him or anyone in particular. If i run across any of his videos i watch them unlike a lot of other Linux you tubers! His videos are quite clear and concise.

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Perhaps it is my mixed experience with Debian based distros, but Arch is more or less the distro to run if you have an OS to be a jack of all trades without too much hassle and work on your part. I would also say that if you watch Linux youtubers, you are likely more interested in Linux than most people and you would be more inclined to use Arch.


I follow him using Freetube, and on the Fediverse. Coming across a video is no longer a desire of mine, so I follow who I liked when I came across them in the past and ignore everything else.

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I agree for the most part. But also, some people watching/following Linux Youtubers may just be trying to know what’s up or be thinking about switching, so I wouldn’t say they are inclined to use Arch.

I follow the podcast version of TLE, but didn’t know this survey was a thing.

That thing he said about needing to re-examine some biases about his community was interesting, specifically about Arch/based distros being “more complex.” Like, it’s literally the same skills as keeping a plant alive. :upside_down_face:

My Ubuntu install required more troubleshooting in the last 6 months, especially after an upgrade to 23.10.

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