This is a weird one - thought my screen was cracked

Can you see it? Blamed the dog, as my laptop was on the floor because I was using my work laptop.

It is from the 3 dots next to reply.

Rebooted and it has gone!! Phew.


I’m guessing you have scaling set to something other than 100%? I saw a similar issue (but horizontal corruption) with Plasma when at 125%…

No, never played with it, but thankfully it wasn’t a crack.

Poor dog. :dog2: I would blame the compositor.
Also if you can printscreen the crack it’s probably not a crack. :sweat_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply, been busy at work organizing vaccinator training. That was what gave it away (screenshot), my missus thought it was a crack as well, I gave the dog some treats :smiley: