This ancient notification log system is amazing!

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LOOK AT THIS THING, my cinnamon desktop has this notification log. If you click an entry in the notification log you will be directed to where the notification is coming from.

For example, if someone message me on discord, the message will appear in this log, and IF I CLICK IT, it will open discord app and go to the correct discord server and see correct message. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY, I bet your desktop environment doesn’t have it!!

But jokes aside. I remembered having this feature back when I was using older DE. I think the last time I saw it was in gnome. But after gnome became what it is today, I decided to move somewhere, I pick KDE Plasma.

In plasma, as far as I remembered (please correct me if I’m wrong), despite it’s advanced notification settings, it can’t do notification log like this. I was wondering who own this feature? Who made it? I don’t know if the current gnome still have this feature. Is this feature gnome only?

What about your DE, does your DE have this? My windows 10 definitely don’t have it, it pissed me off when someone sent me something but I don’t know where the message is, cmon Discord.

Both KDE and Cinnamon have this. The issue with KDE’s is that once something goes into the log, meaning it’s no longer a pop-up, it loses its “clickability”.

At least, that my experience.

Plasma notifications can be highly customised though, like you said.

I think Budgie’s notifications may be just as good as Cinnamon’s.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but clicking on the header of the notification in the log does pop-up the application required though. I tested it with Spectacle, though, not Discord or other third-party app.

Well, that is a KDE app, but I’ll test it again in a few hours with something non-native.

Update: Just tested it with Firefox and it doesn’t work. There is no actual “header” to click on in the notification history.