Thinkpad running endeavour not charging

I have a 7th gen X1 carbon Thinkpad running endeavour that refuses to charge. I am sure that the charging ports work (at least for data) as they seem to be working fine for data transfer and using an external monitor (the charging ports are Thunderbolt 3). I am also sure the charger works as I have tried charging my phone with it and that works fine. Any ideas?

It could be the charging cord as they do go faulty. Other than that is the battery good? Did you try taking the battery out and hold power button down for a minute then put battery back in and turn it back on.

No, the charging cord works to charge my phone. Also, endeavour reports 100% battery health.

Reports 100% battery health but the battery is not charging? How old is the battery?

The laptop is only a few months old.

Wow… so are you saying the battery is going dead and is not charging?

If by that you mean the battery is draining and not charging, yes.

So it goes completely dead then? How are you charging it or not? Just running off the power cord?

No, the battery still has about 20% charge. It hasn’t gone completely dead yet.

You better check with Lenovo because there is an issue with this if i have the correct laptop.

System battery not charging with a USB-C power adapter connected to the USB-C port

Ok, thanks for your help.