They say no news is good news

… and they couldn’t be more right.

Update: Open source OSes might be saved from being covered depending on the interpretation of EU regulation 2019/1150 2.2.c.


The law shall not pass. Also you can’t just ban open source systems, corporations using Linux workstations would have their system FUBAR’d.

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Democracy blablabla freedom blabla human rights blablabla. These are all just meaningless words. If you are considered a threat you will be targeted. If it’s a significant portion of the population then laws will be changed.

Corporations follow a different set of rules .

If this EU Regulation bans open source operating systems as drafted, I have zero doubt it will be amended by the European Parliament/Council before enactment. In fact the article you linked to states that it might be exempted by another EU Regulation.

EU law is extremely technical and is intended to work seamlessly within (if not alongside) the legal framework of 27 member states. This kind of drafting error is bound to arise but is thankfully easy to fix.

I’m more concerned about the privacy-murdering Directive.

they got hacked by microsoft sales employee (whom uses linux) then made this law to make windows 11 sales increase, first they killed windows 10, now they use the government, next they will throw rocks to your windows