There is nothing like starting over

I did have a backup of Plasma, but decided to go with xfce instead. Not sure what happened, but my plasma had a seizure of something. A side panel stopped working, then shrank into a small square. The icons were stacked on top of each other. The top panel stopped responding to the mouse. Dolphin took forever to open, and when it did it was a transparent window. Half of the apps stopped working. Steam ran, but the 1 game I had on it, (x4 foundations,) would not start. I decided to back it up thru steam. The backup feature would not work. I had my saves in the cloud, so I tried to reinstall x4. When it was downloaded, and I started game it ran fine. Thing is my saves were gone. I had nothing in the cloud. A ton of game content from over a thousand hours of game play. I hope I have better luck with xfce. :neutral_face:

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KDE loves to krash

I used to use Plasma but I switched to Xfce, it’s significantly faster and more responsive in everything, and with a quick and simple rice it looks very modern. Xfce is also still very customizable and powerful, very flexible too.

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If you were running btrfs with btrfs-assistant and snapper support you would have been able to go back before the problem started. :wink:

Plasmic Spasmic Syndrome? :thinking:


I have plasma btrfs recovery so I’m good! :laughing:

Dropping by to relay my condolences. I’ve been playing two games for almost 10 years now; if I lost my progress or account I’d probably never recover. Hoping some magic happens and your saves return. :pray: :prayer_beads:

Yeah i left kde about half a year ago too after using it for a year or 2 because i got sick of instability issues, it’s pretty, and the devs love adding new features, but they seem allergic to improving existing ones and fixing bugs. Always have.

You’ll probably have better luck on XFCE, I decided to try Hyprland since it was the first time since Wayland was created that I was able to actually run it without problems when i tried Hyprland.

Hyprland has been great, and it’s funny for what’s basically an alpha release product to be more stable than kde… Wayland is not so great and almost all the issues I encounter can be traced back to Wayland not being so great.

You probably should have manually backed up your saves, they’re usually stored somewhere under your home folder (it ranges a bit, sometimes it’s under .config sometimes under .local/share/, but sometimes it’s just in the game’s install driectory)

your mistake was trusting cloud backups, never trust cloud backups! :laughing: even if steam’s one usually works. But well, you’re right, for a game like x4 there’s nothing like starting over.

BTRFS is something that is done before os is installed right? I think I tried to do it in the past but it didnt work. Do you have a link that shows how to set it up?

I was sort of upset at first but I enjoy this game so much its really no big deal. I had dozens of factories made though, so it will take sometime to remake them. I do have a steam backup if I can ever figure out how to restore it.

Yeah you should be able to recover your saves from the steam cloud.

Yes you do it on the install. You just select btrfs and grub then after the install you install btrfs-assistant, snapper-support and btrfsmaintenace. If using grub it works really well automatically taking snapshots and you can revert easily. I’m not really knowledgeable on everything but i have been using it and it’s been great. No issues for me using it.

I’ve tried so very hard to fall in love with xfce, many times. It’s just the 35 different places where system settings reside that keeps driving me away—the anti-centralized settings mentality is hard for me.
Reliable though.
LXDE is MATE-style boring, but sometimes you need that for a while.
You still have a competent Cinnamon to fall back to, yes?

I have to be honest here that Cinnamon has always been one of my favorites. I do like Xfce also as it was originally the eos flagship desktop. Once I got into using Plasma though I never went back. I’ve started over many times desktop hopping but not any more.

Cinnamon is more gorgeous and friendly than the majority of DEs, that is for sure.
As a gtk/gnome parts lover, kde to me is an acquired taste. It’s too much for me but I am the minoroty.
My prejudices of Plasma come from the few times I installed a “K”-app on my non-KDE operating systems. Baloo has bricked me twice. For every one K-application, 30 packages get dragged into my OS that integrate its tentacles so deep they have many dependencies. I still have Kwallet and fifty more packages that something brought in and I do not need but something will break if I remove them.
I’m still in some kind of ‘KDE-is-an-ever-expanding-Sea-Monster’ child-like belief :slight_smile: .

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That is what I thought too, but after reinstalling eos, and steam, the cloud showed zero data. I dont understand how my computer screw ups affected the steam cloud.

Could have been a bug at sync and cloud save got corrupted.