There is an unknown monitor in my laptop

Just switched from Windows to EndeavourOS with Cinammon. There is an weird thing happening however. There is an unknown monitor in my configurations, and sometimes when I open an app it goes there, weirdly I am not able to change this or mess with this config or the worstations configs. I’m trying my best! Thank ya’ll in advance.
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Please post your system logs as per this wiki article to help us diagnose the issue.

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Would be nice to see a screenshot?
If you are on Cinnamon desktop disable window effects in effects.

Basically there is this other monitor that I don’t know how to remove/merge with the one I can see (it even shows in the screenshot below)(sorry, all my system is in portuguese, this is the monitor settings)

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This is weird, at work I use 2 monitors and at home just the laptop one and I don’t see the other one.

You can try selecting that disconnected monitor and disable it by unmarking the “Activate” switch.