Theming and font problem Firefox/Plasma5

Today, after I started my system, both, Firefox v 104 and Thunderbird v 102 showed me a light theme instead of the dark theme thes were set to and in which they ran before I shutdown my machine last night.Additionally to this, the font in many applications has changed, mainly in Facebook but for example also here in this forum in the text box. I have no idea what has caused this, the system was up to date last night before the shutdown. Any help to restore yesterdays status is highly appreciated.
The problem does not affect my Firefox Developer edition v 105 by the way.


Did you compare font- and theme-settings between the two FF versions yet? I guess, a dark theme can be set in TB as well, if not corresponding with KDE theme-settings. FF and TB both use GTK, afaik. Maybe, your system is missing a gtk2/3-pkg. also?
Not sure about this, as I don’t usually use the KDE-DE.

The font/theme settings in both ff versions are the same. I doubt that there’s a missing package, as I didn’d do anything else then shutting down the up to date system yesterday snd powering it up again this morning.

Sorry, but then I can’t be of further help, I guess, other than telling you, this has been an issue, as of lately (1 yr. or so, since Plasma V. 5).

So, I would revert to changing colors and themes from within FFs & TB to a way that comes closest to your liking/integrating with your plasma-theme.

Moin-moin from S-H. by they way… :wink:

Check this thread:
There is apparently no fix for it right now, but you can work around it by restarting the service:
systemctl --user restart plasma-xdg-desktop-portal-kde

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Running sudo systemctl --user restart plasma-xdg-desktop-portal-kderesults in this message
Failed to connect to bus: No media found


The solution advised in that linked post was applied for a different problem (of journalctl). - Nothing to do with setting themes or fonts, so it cannot work in your case, afaict from here.

I also had problems with displaying FF websites after yesterday’s update. An example of a web site has a dark theme and black text appears. Until now, it was white and it should be like that. DE Budgie

This is the fault of the Facebook Container plugin. At least for me. There is already an update for this plugin.

Indeed, upgrading the FB container at least solved the font problems.
Thanks for that partial solution

After removing everything xdg-desktop-portal related, my theming is back to normal.
Problem solved.


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