Theme with whitespace for Plasma?

Hello! Im a huge KDE fan since it’s incredibly customisable. However, something I haven’t seen is any theme that adds more whitespace between the different shortcuts and such.

Is this not possible?

I’m considering learning how to make a KDE Theme, but I would first like to see if it is possible to get more whitespace in there. Something a bit more “breathable”. Does anyone here happen to know a theme with this?

It may be possible through configuration. Can you share which places you are looking to add whitespace?

Here is a post that describes how to add whitespace to the system tray:

For other spots, which would need to know a few more specifics about what you want.

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I was thinking about what you posted. But also in the sidebar of dolphin, kontact, korganiser, etc.

Give me an hour or two and I will add some screenshot with the areas I’m thinking about.

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I also means in areas like this:

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I would just like to give it some more padding to make it feel less tight. :slight_smile: If possible that is.

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You mean in the k* apps. I am not sure what controls the spacing in those. It may vary per app.