The "xkeyboard-config (2.39-1 -> 2.40-1)" update overwrote the old config file without asking

The xkeyboard-config update today overwrote my ‘/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc’ file, thus causing a significant amount of distress, because some rather mission critical buttons stopped working in my game and I ended up dying because of that. :crazy_face:

Isn’t pacman supposed to create a pacnew file in this situation? Is the ‘pc’ file so special that this -often annoying but useful- behavior does not work?

I guess the file in that location is considered to be a system file and therefore will be overwritten when the package owning it will be updated.

Doesn’t xkeyboard-config have a config file under /etc ?

An user should never touch anything under /usr/share, all the files there WILL be overwritten on package updates. Most sane packages include a warning about this in a comment of each config file. If you need to modify anything, you should copy it to either /etc or .config. Programs should use the config with the highest priority (.config > /etc > /usr/share) and ignore the rest or merge them with settings from higher priority config taking precedence.

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