The worst Dr Who ever

Just watched the new Dr Who episode, what a steaming pile of SH1t. Dr Who has been a part of my entire life (well nearly - first episode was November 23, 1963, I was nearly 2 :smiley: ).

Absolutely devastated, Russel T Davis, what have you done? Kids should be hiding behind the sofa, like I did from the Daleks (and not because they hate light musical comedy).

Rant over.


A Christmas special has you ranting about a season that hasn’t even begun yet? Hmm, strange.

Watch it.

:Edit: No problems with any other episode in the last (estimated) 60 years :rofl:


It is not the actors’ fault, it is poor, weak writing and directing… Enough vodka, time for bed


To be expected, in the <current year>:clown_face: :earth_africa:

I just prefer to watch my video collection and pretend like that other “stuff” doesn’t exist, my little :clown_face: children will certainly watch old one.

P.S. Come in kids, don’t be shy! :clown_face:

Well when I watched it my thought was ‘Nothing happened.’ which of course was right, because all the timey-wimey stuff rewound it all, but it left me quite disappointed.
I wasn’t unhappy with the new Dr, more the writing/story.

I never watched dr who. This one was the first and lots of nonsense :joy: difficult to understand why how people got hooked to this series. might have to start from the beginnings. 1963 :thinking:

I haven’t watched that particular episode yet but I found the prior couple of seasons to be not great. The writing just hasn’t been very good. The characters aren’t interesting and are far too one dimensional.


For me, too - although I doubt if I was watching when I was 8 months old it’s starting to feel comforting that there are people watching who are OLDER than me, as there are fewer every year.

I haven’t enjoyed Whittaker much though, TBH. and for a year or so now, there hasn’t been any significant output of TV episodes - just plenty of evangelistic ranting - so we must just hold tight and hope that they can throw out at least one decent season every few years.

Tom Baker was superb, followed by Peter Capaldi, and bested by David Tennant… Jon Pertwee was a more ‘cozy’ Doctor, as he never really went anywhere… but he brought in Sarah-Jane Smith <3

But darker ages existed - Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker - if they can’t kill the franchise, then I don’t think anything can.

Still, I haven’t seen it yet - maybe today.

I also enjoyed Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor. I know he is divisive though.

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Wow, Rose Tyler has been taken over by a strange slim black guy with a square face and girly voice and how come David Tennant is the Doctor (S14E01) - talk about ‘mixing it up’ and don’t talk about ‘continuity’.

Or did I just miss the part where Jodie Wittaker turned into David Tennant - any clues?

Dr Who has been crap for quite some time now.

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Can’t disagree with you there…I haven’t cared for the last two doctors (W and C). I actually stopped watching it during the Capaldi years.
I resumed watching though somewhat unthrilled during Whittaker.
I blame it on the writing. I’m not sure it’s any better even with the reversion.

I personally think there is a lot to look forward to with the new season coming in 2024. Interesting note that the Christmas Special wasn’t wicked ‘Christmasy’ compared to previous specials.


Haven’t watched the Christmas special yet, but I thought the 3rd Tennant special was the worst episode I’ve seen in a very long time.

Beautiful new year, everyone! :star_struck: :bouquet: :lotus:

Not a 'Who connoisseur here, but recently I watched the “The Church on Ruby Road” special, and I found it A-OK, good writing and good feelings…

…but at the opposite, I found all the passages / episodes with the Daleks (the last one being "The Power of the Doctor’) truly horrible! It’s like these villains were created, not during the 60’s, but an eon - or two - ago… terrible!

Don’t understand why the prod have not replaced these ridiculous, fake plastic mechanical accessories with something more modern, more credible… (and with a better “voice”, please)?

For example: an AI that could take control of any piece of electronics and auto-replicate itself infinitely… or a holographic, 3D creature which doesn’t exist in our dimension… or both… Or anything in between… :wink:

Whatever, for someone that is not used to UK series in general, I found the direction - and the camera - sometimes far too hysterical, and on the other side some scenes could gain to be shorter…

Strange series indeed, I don’t understand its target audience: some parts are clearly not for children, others are far too childish for (young) adults… There’s no clear orientation, it’s like they told to directors / writers: “Ok, here is the main caracters (for now), do exactly what you want with it!”. It’s anything, and goes in all directions… Sometimes at the same time, during the same episode!

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Every Doctor takes getting used to and I try to take that into consideration. Still, at the 13th regeneration, they had to do a serious re-think of a core premise. I still hold out hope though; just haven’t been watching as much lately.

As far a Masters go, Missy turned out to be overall favorite. I was sad to see her go.

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