The Web by Google tm

Machine learning (in it’s current day form) is not mandatory for good results, as far as i know…
But that’s not as easy to achieve without it.

True, and reason is money because Google is monopolist…
So only way to break it would be to offer some better ways for potential customers instead of Google Analytics:

  • Non invasive scripts
  • Much more performant to load and work (less overhead for client-side)
  • Only necessary data, no user spying (hence won’t be blocked by default with adblockers)
    etc, stuff like that

What and how exactly, and is money at play - all those individual companies would have to decide, competition will spark.

Only by making product better than Google, and in terms of privacy it should be easy. :upside_down_face:
Hardest thing to break is money rotating in SEO circles by participating with Google as best practice…


That is what makes Google good from the point of view of Businesses. Invasiveness is good, getting as much data as possible about the customer is great for Analytics, Advertisement Targeting, etc. I’m not saying that is good in general, I’m saying that is good for businesses, I absolutely would love to see more privacy respecting options.

AdBlockers is and other privacy tools are used by only a tiny minority of users, their tracking platform and methods used to track users is still incredibly effective and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

So IDK man, its a very difficult issue to solve.


That’s the irony of it, don’t you think? :laughing:
What make Google great for business (at least for current model) - is exactly it’s Achilles heel where smart competitor should aim, to break the vicious circle.

If someone could think of a way to do same thing as effective, without robbing whole World from their privacy on 24/7 basis - everyone would be happy to use it (well everyone…except globalists and reptiloids obviously :rofl:)

Coz there’s no point to waste resources and breach trust of people if it’s not necessary.

Yeah, no two ways about it - it’s monumental!


Tell me about it!

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  1. Get closed team of extremely skilled people to create search algorithms stable and working on a level of at least Google 10 years ago (very hard, but definitely possible). Make sure it works SUPERB at this point.

Once i’ll get 2-3 Einstein level geniuses i’ll let you know :wink: :sweat_smile:
But don’t tell nobody! :upside_down_face:



Well let me know if you need help. My IQ is almost perfect. I have a IQ of 90 which is almost 100%.


Have MENSA called yet? If you nearly have it all…:smile: