The typewriter from the future?

A very strange device indeed but … looks so nice :wink:
And is battery powered, I would like a label printer more than a thermoprinter but o.k. could be possible


My first impression is: looks great, I want it! :rofl:

I’ll wait for reviews, though…

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the “Core” Board is interesting where you can switch the core system like changing a RAM module…
And yea battery power option love it … display is small but it has hdmi micro port… so you should be able to connect bigger display.


Sexy :space_invader:

P.S. :mosquito: :mosquito: :mosquito:

Mini booster fan (6000RPM, the airflow towards CPU)

:mosquito: :mosquito: :mosquito:

I wanna buy this and become a Linux mime, silently printing:

:clown_face: HONK-HONK :clown_face:

on it’s micro printer :rofl:

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friend send me another nice one: