The September release has arrived

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As of today you can download our latest ISO with an updated offline installer.

The ISO contains:

  • Linux kernel 5.2.14
  • Mesa 19.1.6
  • Systemd 243.0
  • Firefox 69 (Quantum)
  • Arc-x-icons, a more complete and updated version than the Arc icon set used previously.
  • The new EndeavourOS welcome launcher on both the live environment as on the installed system. It’s a one-click menu to the wiki for the basic system commands and setting up your hardware.
  • Our Nvidia-installer is now installed by default which now also installs the dkms drivers.
  • Gtop system monitor, a nice terminal-based system load monitor that launches from the panel.

We also took care of some bugfixes:

  • We removed the xf86-video-nouveau package and are using the mode setting driver in the Linux kernel instead. At this moment the best option to let the ISO boot on Nvidia card systems, including the newer ones.
  • A general cleanup

There are still some upstream bugs with Calamares, so we advice you to take a look at

Calamares offline installer tips

while downloading the ISO.

For people who are already running EndeavourOS, you don’t need to install this version, when you regularly update your system, you’re up to date.

You can download the ISO over here.


A note to our torrent users, the torrent link only downloads the ISO, for the sig file and md5sum you have to download it directly from Github. We kindly request to use torrent, so the Github page will be unburdened quicker.


Respect to all who contributed to this release in any way. Great work!

One question about the article. Should there be some kind of footnote cause of the asterisk or am I missing something?

That’s a typo, I corrected it three times, but it just won’t dissappear from the Discourse article.

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I just want to give a big shout out to everyone here assisting with getting EndeavourOS to the next level. I have just downloaded the latest September ISO and installed it. I didn’t really have to but, i wanted to. I used the installer and replaced my partition. The first thing that i noticed was the welcome screen. I ran the installation and also noticed it running an update system. The install was flawless and I am really happy with the new icon set. It looks great. Again it looks more polished! I think the Welcome screen may see some changes later. I am now using yay a lot more. After the installation i set it up and installed some programs and other utilities that i usually like to have. I will also tweak a lot of settings.

There were no issues installing anything. Great work team. Way to go! You just bumped it up a notch!!

Impressive! :grinning:


Lets hope the next ISO will be with the online installer!!!

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Keep an eye out on the announcements these weeks…


I just downloaded the same iso today and installed it. Absolutely flawless, and it looks wonderful! Excellent job everyone!


I installed this version last night and it worked great. I like the option to create a swap partition both with and without hibernate. I don’t think i have ever been asked that before.


Great job on the Sept release. Seeding it now.

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Does that mean if i have an Nvidia GPU i don’t have to do anything now? or do i still need to sudo nvidia-installer ?
Sorry if it’s stupid question but i am new to EndeavourOS and Linux in general

I just downloaded the image and I will install it on HD, it is very beautiful, and look what surprise hardinfo by default, when possible, I translate this ad.

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You don’t have to install it, like before, but you still have to enable it with the command and there’s no such thing as a stupid question over here.:wink:

I enable it by typing sudo nvidia-installer in the terminal right ?


Yes, that’s correct.
After that reboot the system.

Yeah i did that just making sure :sweat_smile: Thanks a lot for this amazing distro


Hi @Nero1 Such a great thing to see another person starting journey in converting from other OS. If you’ll face any trouble don’t forget to let us know!

Seeding torrent.

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Where is the announcements section?

The announcements are on the EndeavourOS main web site.

Is this the place to provide comments?
Noticed two typos on the welcome screen:

  • For consistency I guess you want a capital “Read”
  • Website instead of webside

Edit: I love the fact that Firefox comes preconfigured with uBlock Origin!

Which ISO did you download? It seems like you’ve downloaded the July ISO.