The same software on Aur present twice, which is the better PKGBUILD?

Hi, I was interested in installing the Surfshark GUI software, but I noticed that it is present twice on the AUR but with a very different pkgbuild, could anyone tell me which one is better?

Surfshark Client

Surfshark Gui Bin

Take a look on that threat. @dalto has it explained very detailed

That is very different. In this case, these are both binary packages with the same source.

These seem to quite literally be the same package which in theory shouldn’t happen.

I would have to review in more detail to say which one is better but at a glance surfshark-gui-bin is the more conventional package.

surfshark-client is doing some very odd things like building a systemd service on the fly in the post-install script.


Ok sorry, i must apologize for the answer. I understood that the OP wanted to know the difference between bin git and no suffix.

Simply missunderstood.


Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know

Thanks also to @swh for the reply

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