The Saga of Moving from Stone-Age Copper Wire to Fiber Optic!

speed or availability. here it depends on everything. even albania, and this is not meant to sound disrespectful, one of the poorest countries in europe, has a quiet better internet supply…


That’s obviously the whole point though, i mean if Germans seem to have so much spare money, why not just milk them like a cow?! :rofl:

But really those prices are absolutely insane, i’d hit the streets if i were to see such price :clown_face:

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that’s not possible. otherwise the chairmen of the board of management would have less profit sharing. we also need money for the ‘war against russia’, i.e. ‘turn of the times’, as our chancellor says.
education, hospitals. inconceivable price increases in the food market. everything is going down the drain here…
stop, i have to stop at this point :clown_face:

Some companies in Europe know how to do it. For example one of our ISP is offering IPv6 /64 prefix for a low low price of 5€/month on top of the standard cost of the connection. Now imagine the cost when it is quite common to give /56 (or /48) prefix to the end customer. :laughing:

How is the yay updating speed? When I had 6mbps it still took between 20 mins and an hour, but depending on files.

Awesome answer. Yes I am :thinking:

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Seconds…as long as the mirrors are synced and the packages are available.

I decided to stop with 2.5Gbps… Too much trouble to change all the wiring here :sweat_smile:
You can get cheap 2.5Gbps switches today, check for TL-SH1005 or TL-SH1008 in case you want 8 ports… These are dummy switches.

But you still need cat 6a cable or better to get above 1 Gbps. :thinking:

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Cat 5e is enough…

But you can’t get over 1 Gbps with Cat 5E. So in other words 2.5 Gbps switch doesn’t help. :thinking:

You can, cat5e works perfectly with 2500Mbps… let me install iperf3 here to show you…

Both CAT5e and CAT6 can handle speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, or a Gigabit per second.

Edit: Cat 6A is good for up to 10 Gbps max.

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I could get more of this test, but my gateway CPU can’t handle iperf3 test to the maximum, it can route 2500Mbps but it can’t run iperf3 as a client at 2500Mbps…


What is your speed test results? Are we talking about the same thing?

This test was performed from my computer to my firewall (Netgate SG-4100).
Iperf3 server running in my computer.
Iperf3 client running my in PC.

So, I’m testing my LAN speeds, not my ISP.
Unfortunately, ISPs here don’t support that internet bandwidth yet.

But i don’t think you can get the download speed with a Cat 5 cable as i couldn’t. Had to switch to Cat 6A.

Edit: I have no idea how my transfer speeds would be as i don’t have anything hooked up to do that.

I’m not sure what happened to your cat5e tests during that time, but it can definitely get 2500Mbps.
Perhaps a bad cable or a poor quality cable? Loose cable somewhere?
Also, the cable length can influence that.

Tried it doesn’t work. Soon as i switched to Cat 6A is good. I go by specs and Cat5e I thought wasn’t rated for over 1 Gbps. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Okay you are right it does say it can do it.

Today, CAT5e is the most common type of cabling used due to its flexibility and its ability to support Gigabit speeds at a cost-effective price. You have billions of meters of CAT5e deployed in the world. They can support up 1Gbps or up 2.5 Gbps.

hmm :thinking:

I can get 2500Mbps with my cat5e, but I can’t test it right now because I just delivered a server to a customer that I could test with…