The Qt Company pretends it didn't threaten KDE

A few days ago the Qt company contacted KDE and said that because of business losses that Corona created, they might have to go to a model any updates could only be used for the first year by paying clients, meaning Plasma would be anything but bleeding edge but lagging 1 year behind Qt’s development.
Which would not be good for KDE nor the people behind LXqt of course.

Suddenly today there was a new message on their homepage: that basically ignores that the first mail was sent, promising Qt will remain free and open source.


My personal theory is that they either didn’t understand how vital KDE is for getting their product into the eye of the public, or they were just testing the waters to see what kind of blowback they would get. I am quite sure it wasn’t “just a mistake or a misunderstanding”, at any rate. Nor am I not completely certain they won’t bring it up again, if they feel they need more money.


Hmm…curiouser and curiouser…Thanks for the links!