The pub is usually the place

The pub is usually the place to ping ideas and sell all kinds of questionable stuff :grin:

With that joke aside - I have been ping-pong’n @Bryanpwo with ideas of stickers and putting together a package to make the stamps worth while.

I have been checking with my stickers-printer-woman in Sweden and she tells me I can get key stickers with endeavouros sails - the same way I made them for Manjaro and as Manjaro they will be a row of seven stickers - to put on your power or the winkey.

Already available is the alu sticker

Alu powered by endeavouros


We have been brainstorming and would like your feedback - which sticker you would slap on your laptop and maybe other places. The idea is that you get to decide which stickers I will commit to get printed.

Like this


And NOO I will never print this.

Superkey / power button 10x10mm

Black vinyl 40x40mm e-sails-os

White vinyl 40x40mm e-sails-endeavouros

White vinyl 40x40mm eos-helping-hand

Transparent vinyl 40x40mm eos-sails

White vinyl 40x40mm endeavouros-logo

  • Superkey / power button
  • Black vinyl e-sails-os
  • White vinyl e-sails-endeavouros
  • White vinyl eos-helping-hand
  • Transparent eos-sails
  • White vinyl endeavours-logo

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I’d go for the 10x10mm. The 40x40’s are too big for my taste. I reckon 25x20mm (Windoze size) or 20x15 (Intel size) case stickers would be pretty cool.