The Perils of Hyped Gardens

So last year, after a lifetime of Android, I mistakenly fell for the hype of Apple phone hardware, I picked up an iPhone 15+. This device didn’t have a headphone socket, a sim card slot, or a memory card expansion slot, just a basic USB-C charging port. Beyond that, a 60Hz screen, in comparison to the 120Hz on my Moto G series that cost a fifth of the price. But hey it’s supposed to have great software support and longevity, right?

Getting anything into iCloud is a lesson in futility unless you have additional Apple hardware. For example transferring Google Photos into Apple Photos. But worse than any of this, is that a low-level patch, 17.3.1 to be specific, just bricked the device. Absolutely no recognition of touch screen or USB connectivity. Luckily work has an old Macbook with which you can factory DFU reset it, which is happening overnight.

But beyond that, tonight I’ve re-ordered a physical sim. I’ve turned on my old Android, and once the sim arrives, it’s going in that device. Every authentication app and service, even banking and NFC payments, - just gone, - hoping I can get them back from an automated backup, but the point beyond just how much we rely on these little boxes of horrors, is that for the amount you pay, this absolutely should never happen. Is Apple hardware better? Possibly. Is their software QA better? Absolutely not, - it’s trash. 17.3.x was bricking peoples phones in beta phase and they still went ahead and released it.

So, for what it’s worth, I have learned my lesson. Fuck Apple for their shoddy practices and price-gouging. Never again.


The first time that I heard the price of an iPhone was that of a Netbook was the day I said I’d never buy an Apple product. This rule, of course, applies to any smartphone because no smartphone can do what a whole laptop can do. That and the fact that a person is more likely to have a phone stolen, dropped and damaged, or misplaced than a laptop.

Umpteen years on, I feel great, knowing I made the right decision.

I’m so anti-Apple that even if someone bought me an Apple device as a gift, I’d sell it immediately. Selling a gift is frowned upon in many cultures, including mine, but I’d live with a few years of ridicule over forcing myself to use anything from Apple.

PS: And that is before privacy/data selling/hoarding was a concern.


For me I just want my phone to do the basics and be smooth to use, I have my PC for everything else. I even leave it at home half the time now depending on what I’m doing.


I cannot wait for the day when I can divest myself of it all and just get a dumb phone for voice and text only. Sadly work requirements mean that won’t happen soon, but the time’s coming.

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Really with Sim Swapping becoming more and more of an Issue its all the more reason to not keep important things on your phone and never use your phone number for 2FA.

I tried switching to an Iphone years ago that was given to me and i couldn’t last a week on the apple before getting a cheap android until I was able to get the finances right for a better phone. But that experience really taught me the value of KISS on the phone.

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If a MacBook with Apple Silicon, well, I am not going to lie, I would keep it and run Fedora Asahi on it.

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I’ve recently shifted all my 2FA to Bitwarden, - I’d used it for years for passwords, but didn’t realise it could generate codes too. Doh! I’m still amazed at how good even a mid-range Android phone is compared to “Flagships” - I’ve never upgraded every year, usually I’d want something to last at least five years if not far more. Fully agree that phones should be as simple and modular as possible.