The ideas some come up with

Analysts propose Apple should buy DuckDuckGo.

The shocking piece of information from that article is the fact that by simply having google on their devices Apple makes about $7-8bn a year. Talk about passive income…

This figures also helps us get a notion just how valuable our information as a product is for companies like Google if they maks a profit under those terms.


i dont know if its true… but big company’s continuesly buy new technology’s and small bussiness if they lost that share on apple probably they has something new.goes mayby also lot technology underneed other search engines uses as example… you never know

@ringo, nobody has bought nobody yet and Apple didn’t say they have any thought of doing it. It’s just some random non-Apple-related analyst guy that said Apple should buy DuckDuckGo.
But I was merely commenting on two things:

  1. that that would be a bad thing if Apple would take that idea seriously as that would compromise DuckDuckGo, and
  2. Apple gets a beefy income from allowing Google on their devices.

But this kind of statments might also be just tactics to raise DuckDuckGo’s shares value.

The problem i have is most search engines just don’t work as good as google. I don’t really like google because of the tracking but i can’t deal with most other search engines results!


@ricklinux, you have tried the ‘redirect method’ from DuckDuckGo? You select DuckDuckGo as your search engine, then enter your search term as !google search term - and google doesn’t know it’s you, so no tracking issues… Also works with other searches, such as !bing and I think !amazon or whatever you wish to use…

I like being lost in the clutter! :grin:

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Probably what im saying is untrue :rofl::upside_down_face: its fine but going to follow maybe just unjustified rambling u guess… 🤦:grin:

Google is so good at it precisely because it knows you. It knows what search results you are most likely to expect, which web-sites in which languages should get the priority and in which cases. It is pretty much impossible to get such precise results so fast with other search engines. Google is convenient, I don’t critically depend on any of its services and am mostly aware of the tradeoffs that have to be made to get this convenience.

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I use Qwant for almost two years now and I’m very contempt with it, I even use it on my phone.

That’s right. In the old days, even before Google, there was only one good search engine, Altavista.

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