The friendliness of this forum contributes to the distribution


with the arrival of my shiny new PC I knew that I wanted more from my Linux distribution. In preparation I scouted out which distributions I wanted to give a shot, and both Garuda and EOS were candidates. As the computer arrived, I installed Garuda Dragonoized KDE edition, and I had a few problems. Their forum, running on the same software, was what you would expect from a forum.

I posted the first of my problems, a nasty thing that would prevent windows on the second monitor from having a top menu bar (close, minimize, maximize) after being maximized, therefor not being able to un-maximize (would that be “normalize”?) a window once it was maximized, and of course not being able to close it from the menu bar. Knowing that forums are usually not the friendliest place I tried to formulate my problem clearly, stating what I hoped would be my problem, using screenshots to document how the problem appeared. The moniker “walking on egg shells” comes to mind.

After a few replies one developer admitted that Garuda had not been tested with multiple monitors (at least that’s what I understood). That would, of course, explain why that seemingly obvious problem exists. Still, there were suggestions, but when the suggestion was to tinker with the package management and downgrade the package, I didn’t really want to. This was both only the first of several problems, if that’s what it takes to get Garuda to run smoothly it might not be the best fit for me.

After having installed EOS and being very satisfied with both the installation experience and the final system, I didn’t want to leave the forum thread hanging empty. I know how bad it is to find a problem you google for, only to see that the thread was never finished. I left my solution deliberately vague, stating that I didn’t have the problem anymore and that the thread could be closed.

One reply later and somebody asked me to state what I had done, so I added that I gave another distribution a try, not wanting to be that guy that makes “I am leaving for distribution X” threads. The amount of hurt that generates was interesting. I left the thread alone after seeing that they expected me to make bug reports for the application instead of doing anything else.

Now, having read one “I am leaving EOS for Manjaro” thread where everybody was supportive and wished the leaving party all the best I can only grin about what kind and friendly atmosphere this forum has. It contributes to the distribution without being a part of it, although that might be debateable.

I just wanted to say, I really like this forum. As long as EOS keeps up this attitude, I will support it financially (which is my way of contributing).


Thank you for showing your appreciation for the community and for your support of this project. This is why we’re doing this, creating something for you and receiving the love back from you.

We know we are not everybody’s cup of tea and if a user feels more comfortable using another distro, the most important thing is that the user found his/her way on Linux and Open Source and we (the Linux community) should all cheer for that.

I’m really happy to see that this community is making any effort to promote that thought. :heart_eyes: :heart: