The EOS will be the new Arch?

For some reason, it now seems to me that, with Ubuntu’s development career in mind, EOS will be the flagship of Arch-based distros. How realistic is this idea?

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new flag-ship i dont know :wink: depend the community always !!

We do like to have a good and nice community to rely on, while mayby for some taste the distro is kinda sober. for some people. some own flavourn but follow the kiss close as possible. that everyone have a nice setup, and sure people can costumize it al in hart, thats linux :slight_smile:

of it wil be a flag-ships i dont know there is a lot arch-based distro’s. i would not compare to ubuntu, ubuntu uses the debian-unstable to setup the base for each release. and manjaro is also a different beast but uses the stabe of arch. in linux world is no flag-ships basicly. but depend mostly the community on the distrobution mostly. even some can hopped to another distro, if they like to stay at community that gives a good picture that the community is nice.

Much depends on how inclusive a community is, but not only that. 15 years ago almost no one knew Ubuntu, and since then it has been a great career, and 2 years later Linux Mint was born. Although you are right that the alpha of both distros, Debian, has played a decisive role ever since.

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One point ubuntu got a good synergy with debian but a big distro becomez on some breaking point they push there own devel because in ubuntu apt pushed standard snap, but that normal atleast synergy wich manjaro does not got with arch but at the end users en decide always

For me, EndeavourOS is the flagship Arch distro.