The end of a project, the start of EndeavourOS and where we are now, 5 years later

this is going to sound reallly nerdy but distro (linux) history rocks, especially from a creator.

congrats on the vision to build it and its success. somehow you knew there would be a huge segment that would go to the purple side. Really really nice!


It’s burned in, you can’t get it out again .
I very much hope that EOS will be there for us for a little longer than 5 years! I think it’s simply fantastic what these few people have managed to achieve.

Here’s to future missions! :enos_flag:


Oh I freaked out when I got the news Antergos was going to end!! :scream:, As I suspected, since on Linux nothing really dies, it just evolves and morphs, and not a day later the forum was teaming with people wanting to continue it, or fork it, and so I stuck around and participated best I could, here:

and this:

Zoidmo's EOS Logo 3 638x210
among some other versions.

I thought we’d start with a Jet pack, and slowly move our way up to rockets and space missions. Who knows, Tux may become captain of an intergalactic cruiser one day!


Of course, personally, I am also ready for the next five years of travel. But I suddenly got scared when I first saw this post in the e-mail notifying me about the forum, because I thought the project was ending. Then of course I read the whole thing and calmed down. After all, I, along with many others, use EndeavorOS, the most stable Linux distribution, on a daily basis. Good luck for the next five years!


The first day I tried eOS I knew I have found something.
It even suits me better and better over the time. I am on EndeavourOs and I am not going anywhere.
Thank you so much for this amazing distro.


it is banana software :banana:

they mature in the hands of customers


No no, “Endless” is a different OS :smile:


:rofl: Very funny!


Gobble gobble


I installed Endeavour OS about 6 months prior to the grub issue. I remember thinking “maybe I should go back to Debian”, but then my LMDE server started acting up which did not have snapshots set up like my Endeavour setup did. The desktop was an easy fix and I just remembered the nightmare that was Manjaro on my desktop. This forum even walked me though how to fix the grub problem.

I am on my original snapshot on my desktop running Endeavour (never acutally used that snappshot since you guys walked my though the fix so easily), but my server I am on the 5th snapshot. Troubleshooting Debain just feels like troubleshooting Windows now.