The Distro Classic Game!

Gues which Distro new or old i mean.

It has Letter “F” and “U” .

Funtoo ? :laughing:


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Letters A and X

/me: cheating


first release: November 2002 so one year earlier then antiX :wink:


Arch Linux


Oh come on! :rofl:

I use Arch btw…

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Letter P and A

Arch is earlier then novemeber 2002 :slight_smile:

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yea arch is not the one a hint?
first official Release: 13. November 2002 and they ship with a Print Magazine :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yep Gues this letters :slight_smile: A X :slight_smile:

I’ll post my first one - with a hint. Letters T & M
(1992 - me in 1996)

I remember one of, if not the first, try with Linux was K and X which my dad gave to me on a CD.

Must have been modern if it was on CD!

Game ruined. :wink:

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Not necessarily - I can’t read that timeline… can you?

BTW - I saw no reference to the one I asked about in there…

Letters S --> X
It was my first experience with Linux on a CD I found into a magazine in Canada on 2000 ! :penguin_face:

CD is modern? Dang!

Anyway, it was Knoppix!

For me it’s a classic since I was a young teenager when my dad showed it to me.

It was just a joke. This being all (according to wikipedia) Linux distros to date.

Please do not take me that serious :wink: