The dangers of AI and goals of Microsoft

I think that world your talking about has been here for a few years now.

I personally think that “AI” is a meaningless as “multimedia” was in 1990. I’m old enough to remember when the movie “2001” scared us to death with a rogue computer named HAL. Then we got to 1993 to discover HAL ran on Windows 3.1 on a 33 MHz 486. AI today is basically computers that talk better. It will only seem intelligent compared with the latest generations whose IQ is rapidly declining.

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^^^ this ^^^^ I bolded your words for the correct emphasis. I work with a lot of kids and I’ve read the peer review–there’s plenty of it. it’s declining (IQ) rapidly. this genZ of programmed, hive mind, smartphone addicts seems by design and makes someone happy. the guy that cut my hair said to me “I feel bad for these kids, they’re trapped.” I knew exactly what he meant.
When the general intellect plummets all else gets dumb-downed.

AI is essentially (as it currently stands) a relatively sophisticated pattern recognition and inference machine. In specific usecases, it can be incredibly efficient and powerful. In others, it’s dumber than a fourth grader with a bucket stuck on their head. Natural language processing is very much an emerging field, and if you dig deep enough, yes, you will see the failings. Will it get smarter? Absolutely. Will it reach general levels of intelligence? Eventually. We’re at the beginning of a very sharp curve.

**Disclaimer; Studied Biomed+Neuroscience through the early 90's.*