The dangers of AI and goals of Microsoft

Here’s a million reasons why I didn’t want pluton chips. Who says they can’t implement the ideals on you’re computer to fit their idealism.

I heard things like: disinformation, fair use, human assistants, and many many more chilling things, and the way he answered by not answering should be scary to everyone.

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Sadly, draconian technologies like AI (and much worse) will abound into the future. It’s all about profit, advertisement and political control. Such has it always been, such will it remain. See George Orwell’s 1984 for a decent discussion.

While it can be scary to think about a Terminator/Matrix world. My big fear isn’t so much that as much as it is with AI being involved with Law Enforcement. I mean with data collection and with the police now just buying your data instead of getting a warrant. They can collect any information they want and present it anyway they want and the burden of proof is on the citizen anymore. Imagine being declared a trader a put to death legally because you liked a post that was against the mainstream. Dying sux but not as bad as the world yall youngin’s are going to end up with. I would say I’m sorry but I didn’t do it :laughing:



I never put thought into police using A.I. but I can certainly see how problematic that could be. I bet it’s only a matter of time until we see an announcement of an A.I. LE tool that was used for a high profile arrest. The world is about to get very interesting, and it has already begun with the deepfakes of Taylor Swift :no_mouth:


Haha, this is so true, almost forgot about the plot of this movie.

Anything you say on the internet is there forever.

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Or anything they recorded of you and posted on your behalf without you even knowing. But when you get the knock on the door it will all become clear :crazy_face:

Now days if a crime is committed in your street, you will get a knock on the door from the police asking if you can share the video footage of your doorbell so that’s already happening.

Oh boy, poor feds will have a field day with me…

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They’re gonna chop me up and turn me into bud light cans.

Or worse.

A MacBook Pro

God, NO!
Anything bu that!!!

Thats why you don’t live in the City. I live in a rural area A crime happens here either we are the criminals or the victims :rofl:

I’m more worried about Facebook and AI than i am Microsoft but all of these big tech giants concern me. I don’t use FB but unfortunatley i do have Windows and Google. Not into anything but EndeavourOS! :wink:

As much as the movie Her was very endearing, I’m incredibly grateful for the fact I have always been able to build my own hardware, and alongside that, install an OS that reflects the freedom and democracy of choice that Linux entails. Right now, I’ll stick to using AI sparingly, on devices and use cases that are genuinely beneficial to me.

Is AI useful? In some fields, such as medicine, robotics, science and technology, and progressing those fields, absolutely. But as ever, the MBAs have already tightened their buttonholes and drawn up plans for how best to suck every last ounce of profit from these tools. Here’s hoping that in the end, AI is democratised in a way that’s beneficial to humanity. I’d love for Mycroft to be good enough for me to use comfortably in home automation. Being visually impaired, I can’t afford for stuff involving electricity to go wrong, and while there’s no such thing as failsafe and flawless, if AI can be used in a way that works in the open-source world, more power to the machines.

there’s Embrace and Extinguish…I know I’m forgetting one

It will be here very soon and it will be more like the 12 Monkeys than Trinity and Neo and Sarah Connor, if I had to guess.

this is to come :wink:?

yours are all valid concerns. I’m on a sh*t list just for liking your post :grinning: :clown_face:.

Don t forget war.

Company sells product in public demand for profit. More news at 11.

Now, if someone would allow me to run all of that locally, that would be great.