The app is launching, choose a spinner!

Since KDE Frameworks 5.86, the loading animation feedback on the panel looks a little different. It seems the 25th anniversary are also changing switching its loading spinner across the theme to a :gear: too.

Regardless of your desktop environment, which spinner do you like to see on the panel?

  • 5.86
  • 5.85
  • No spinner

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(Excuse the GIF’s frame rates)

If you use KDE and this change was an unwelcome surprise, it is possible change the spinner, since it’s just a theme element.

Bonus Question!

What sort of loading spinners do we generally like?

Google’s Material? Microsoft’s circling dots? Apple’s lines? Facebook’s bouncing boxes? … Not fussed?

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It lacks best option - disable all that “feedback” (which always add more slug).

I only like mouse cursor spinners, typically i like circle ones


Just have a circle with radial gradient revolving. I personally don’t like “moving elements” on a webpage.

And for the app loading spinner, change the mouse icon a little bit. Add a tiny abstract clock icon or something beside the cursor to indicate something is loading.

Oh no, these are not my changes or any proposal. Just looking to see what everyone’s thoughts are on the matter, especially being a KDE default that most people’s first impressions might be based on.

Myself, I don’t mind visual feedback or carefully considered animations, but I was surprised to see this rotating flower :sunflower: looking icon with this recent update. I get the metaphor for :gear: but it seems out of place IMO for a panel — for us folks who kept it on. :smirk:

KDE do bounce the app’s icon next to the cursor, which I think gives KDE a bit of a charm. I suppose every brand does their thing with loading – as long as it’s not annoying or sluggish. :slight_smile:

Sure I understand :slight_smile:

I was sharing my personal thought. I like having good theme, colors etc. But cannot look at moving elements.

Yes the flower or gear shape spinner was unexpected in a million years. :sunflower:

I think as @keybreak (idr who said something like this before lol) might say

Spinners are Bloat :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A frenetically blinking mouse pointer would be cool :crazy_face:

Good news for spinner fans! :flying_disc: It’s been reverted. (Props to this comment)

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The spinning gear would be something I’d have shown off to a Windows user ten years ago, now I really don’t give a toss; the only feedback I want to see when launching an application is the application launching…

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