Thank you guys!

I would just like to say THANK YOU! I always wanted to try arch but never did because of the install process, but because of endeavour OS I am now enjoying what seems to be the fastest distro out there (at least on my hardware). Once you get an English donation page up i will be sure to donate.


Welcome! How did you hear about Endeavour? What is your hardware?

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I heard about it on a destinationlinux bitchute video.

Not heard of that. Is your hardware newer?

I have a ryzen 2700 paired with a vega 56

Nice. Are you running proprietary drivers on Endeavour then for the Vega 56?

Nope, if i was going to run proprietary i’d go with nvidia, i’m on amd because of the better open driver support

I see so you are just running the open source Linux drivers then?

Yep, I Avoid propriety software as much as i can.

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I run an Nvidia GTX 1060 and it works okay. No issues.

That’s good, the only thing i ever had problems with on nvidia was screen tearing on kde, but that’s fixable

i always had old nvidia cards, mostly did running nouveau on my end…but since this year i am a proud owner of an Vega 11 nog a monster apu but for me is fine :slight_smile: stil have to learn on amd side, my first amd was not a good experience but probably was a user error :slight_smile:

Well, years ago amd was a pain on linux… they have come a long way, though there is still a lot that can be done and improved.

problem of amd is currently they have to compete with intel, and compete with nvidia is understanble, i think on this point choosing for opensource community is best they have done.

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Hey thanks for giving endeavouros a try. Its a lovely community, migrating from antergos. I hope you find what you’re looking for, be it here or elsewhere… Regards :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and opensource is the future!:vulcan_salute:

I not long came from manjaro myself ,but i’m a bit of a distro hopper.